Create your Life

There comes a time in your life when you have to turn off the TV, put off the radio, close every book and pick up a pen,a microphone,a pencil and paint your own story , your own art.

We are all shining stars but are more often too timid to sing our song, we think we’d make mistakes and be laughed at…break free!

Having faith in an unverifiable information is simple fear expressing itself under the false auspices of “a virtue”. Having baseless faith is not something to be proud of, like we see people put that out when their beliefs are questioned. We must be able to explain as simple as possible in clear terms the concepts we believe and live by.

“The average man can’t prove of most of the things he chooses to speak of, and still won’t make research to find out the truth that he choses to speak of”- Damian Marley

So when you find your “truth” be bold enough to put it out to the world to be challenged. If you make a mistake, you learn. And if you’re right, then through your art, through your originality, you’ll be a shining example for others to be able to put out their own gifts to the world. This web of change will rewire the whole human race and as evident by wireless connections in our devices, The Love in our heart will ignite passion in others and unite the whole human race .#EmancipateYourselfFromMentalSlavery#WeAreAllOne#UniteForTheSakeOfNigeria



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